Investigations Division


Captain Daniel Payé

The Butler County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division is overseen by the Investigations Captain and comprised of a Sergeant, associated detectives, career criminal unit (CCU) and an administrative assistant.

The division is responsible for investigating a wide range of crimes in Butler County as well as assisting other agencies in the region.

This includes:

  • Crimes against persons
    • Homicides
    • Suicides
    • Sex Crimes
    • Crimes Against Children
  • Property
    • Burglaries
    • Auto Thefts
    • Financial Crimes
    • Computer Crimes

Detectives are also active in assisting the Patrol Division with:

  • Investigations of fatality motor vehicle accidents
  • Processing of crime scenes
  • Interviews of victims, witnesses, and suspects

Most of the Detectives are assigned to general investigations with one Detective charged with primarily handling investigations within the Butler County Detention Facility.

Training of Detectives of Criminal Investigations Division
The detectives of the Criminal Investigations Division have all received training in crime scene processing, photographing crime scenes and evidence, interviewing victims, interrogating suspects and testifying in court.

Specialized Training
Detectives have also received specialized training in areas such as homicide investigations, child victim cases, motor vehicle accident reconstructions, and processing of methamphetamine labs to name a few. They are responsible for processing their own crime scenes, no matter how large or small, and are responsible for submitting collected evidence to different agencies and laboratories for analysis.

Career Criminal Unit (CCU)The focus of the unit is the apprehension of career criminals and the investigation of crimes with a nexus to illegal drugs. The unit is comprised of a Detective Sergeant, and four Road Patrol deputies. These investigators conduct investigations that often coordinate with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations Division works closely with victims, witnesses, citizens, local agencies, state agencies, and federal agencies.

CRIME TIP HOTLINE 866-484-5924 OR [email protected]