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The Butler County Sheriff’s Office conducts sales of real estate and other items under court order. Mortgage foreclosure sales are conducted each Tuesday or Thursday at 10 a.m. in the courthouse 2nd floor lobby. Delinquent tax sales are advertised 30 days in advance of the date of the sale.

Mortgage foreclosure sales are advertised three weeks in advance of the date of the sale. Persons interested in bidding on items being sold may refer to the Butler County Times-Gazette.  Mortgage foreclosure sales are subject to change on a day to day basis, we do not maintain a list.  See Foreclosure Listings below.

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Foreclosure Listings

Note:  All available listings will be in listed here.  If this list is empty we do not have any properties available.

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Mortgage Foreclosure sales FAQ

Personal property and surplus property sales are conducted as the need arises with the location, date and time published in the Butler County Times-Gazette paper of record. 

The case caption, district court case number, name of the attorney for the plaintiff issuing the order of sale and the legal description of the property.

If the street address is not listed on the published order, the sheriff’s office might not have it either. Interested parties may contact the county treasurer’s office to obtain such information. Information on the amount of  taxes owed are available and can be viewed in the open web page of the Official Butler County Treasurer site.

You must have either the defendant’s name in order make inquiries on the status of sales. We are unable to help you if you only have the address.

The full bid amount for a sale item must be paid in a certified check from a Bank or Cash within one hour of sale. The Court Clerk’s office will not give “change” from any transaction conducted at a sheriff’s sale. Should the amount of the check be over the amount bid, the clerk will issue a receipt for the actual amount received and any overage will be paid from the clerk’s office at a later date.

After the sale the following events occur prior to the issuance of a sheriff’s deed.

A return of service on the order of sale is filed by the sheriff’s office with the clerk of the district court.
The clerk of the district court will give a receipt to the winning bidder.

An order confirming the sale will be generated, usually by the plaintiff’s attorney and signed by a judge. The orders may contain a redemption period, which is generally three months in length; although longer and shorter periods of time may be specified by the court. Redemption rights can also be extinguished altogether upon order of the court.

Following the receipt of the order confirming the sale the Plaintiff’s attorney will issue a certificate of purchase, which states the name, the length of the redemption period, if any and the amount bid by the winning bidder. The certificate of purchase will be sent to the plaintiff’s attorney or to the winning bidder. At the end of the redemption period, the buyer will surrender the original copy of the certificate of purchase to the sheriff’s office.

Following the receipt of the original copy of the certificate of purchase by the sheriff’s office, the buyer will produce a sheriff’s deed will be signed by the sheriff and given to the winning bidder.

There will be no sheriff’s deed issued for the property and the clerk of the district court will refund the money paid on the date of the sale.

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