Employment Information


Corrections and Law Enforcement Opportunities

With approximately 60 Detention Division deputies and 60 commissioned law enforcement deputies, careers with the department can be found both in the corrections and law enforcement field.

The Butler County Sheriffs Office will, from time to time have positions to fill.  When openings exist we seek to find the best applicants we can for these exciting and challenging careers.  Applicants must meet high standards of eligibility for these important positions and the hiring process is a comprehensive testing and screening based system.  We look forward to interacting with applicants interested in these positions.

Detention Careers

Detention careers typically begin as Detention Deputy are based out of the Butler County Adult Detention Facility located at 701 South Stone Road, El Dorado, Kansas.  

Law Enforcement Careers

Law Enforcement careers and assignments typically begin as Deputy Sheriff and range from Patrol officers, Court Security officers to deputies assigned to the Investigations Section.  Many opportunities for advancement and variety are available with assignments such as Patrol supervisors, Detectives, Civil Process and others.

Hiring Process

The hiring process for law enforcement positions is conducted by the Training and Standards Division.  Entry level commissioned deputy positions for the department typically begin in the Patrol or Court Security Divisions as Deputy Sheriff.  Open positions may be posted on this website or the Butler County website at www.bucoks.com.

Once received, applications are kept on file for one year for review with any open positions. Applicants who are selected to test for these positions will receive a mailed letter of notice. There is no need to check the status of applications, however please be sure to notify us if there is a change to mailing address..

How to Apply

Check the Butler County job postings page first to see if there are Sheriff positions posted.  If so, complete the online application process.  Applications are not being accepted if positions are not currently open on the Butler County Job Postings Career Portal website.


If you plan to apply for a position with the Butler County Sheriff's Office, there are a few things to keep in mind. You must have the following: Proof of Citizenship, a Valid Kansas Driver's License (Patrol Deputy positions), No Felony convictions, and No Domestic Violence arrests. If you are applying for a Detention Deputy position, you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of employment. If you are applying for a Patrol Deputy position, you must be at east 21 years of age at the time of employment. You will be required to take a pre-employment polygraph examination, a pre-employment background check, a physical examination, a psychological examination (Patrol Deputy positions) and a drug screen. For additional information and a complete list of disqualifiers, contact Sgt. Dan Flower or Lt. Tracy Burnett.

CRIME TIP HOTLINE 866-484-5924 OR [email protected]