Identity Theft Victim Packet


Identity Theft Victim Packet

The Identity Theft Packet contains information which will assist you in the correction of your credit and will help ensure you are not responsible for the debts incurred by the thief. In addition, this packet includes information allowing you to obtain financial records related to fraudulent accounts; which, if requested, you will need to provide to law enforcement.

Who should I contact for Questions?

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Investigation Division of the Butler County Sheriff’s Office at (316) 322-4257 or (800) 794-0190.


When should I return the packet?

We recognize some victims are only interested in the correction of their credit and do not necessarily wish to pursue prosecution; therefore, we request you only submit this packet to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office if you desire prosecution. It is important to understand in the event a suspect is identified and arrested and the case proceeds to court, you as the victim, would most likely be required to appear and testify.

What happens if a suspect can’t be identified?

It is important to note that even if a suspect cannot be identified for prosecution, it will not affect your ability to correct fraudulent accounts and remove them from your credit. Furthermore, when you report your theft to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, all of the relevant information from your case will allow us to cross-reference your report with potential suspects who are involved in or have been arrested on other cases.

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