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In God We Trust!

I am sure some of you have seen in the newspapers and on the television how law enforcement agencies across the Country are putting In God We Trust on patrol vehicles.  I think one reason is because we do put our trust in God.  I’m not ashamed to admit that.  Another reason for this is to show pride in our great Nation.  On July 30, 1956 President Eisenhower signed into law our national motto: In God We Trust.  On the 50th anniversary of its adoption, the Senate reaffirmed In God We Trust as the official national motto.  In 2011 the House of Repr

Fall in Butler County

Summer has come and gone.  With fall being upon us, I smell football in the air! 

Summer Time Is Coming

Summer is right around the corner.  The schools will be closed.  This means our youth will be out and about enjoying their summer vacation.  Please be observant in watching out for our most precious commodity; children.  With the warmer weather, getting the atvs out and riding them will be a way to have fun.  Please, encourage your loved ones to wear a helmet while riding.  Unfortunately, we have had far too many of our young people injured or killed as a result of atv accidents.  Helmets are inexpensive and a life saver.  Ride aware and ride safe.

Spring Is Here

Spring is here and with spring comes rain (we hope), flowers, and fires.  There will be agricultural burning going on now in the County.  With the burning, new green grass will be covering the pastures.  What should you do if you see a pasture burning and there is smoke going across the road?  Stop your vehicle safely and turn on your headlights.  Do not drive through the smoke if you cannot do so safely.  It is better to arrive late than not at all.


(Photo on the right is an age progression of what Adam Herrman may look like today.)



Lately, I've heard rumblings about different issues.  For instance, since I don’t have a section on our website or Facebook page dedicated to being a “Constitutional Sheriff”, I don’t uphold the Constitution of these United States including the 2nd Amendment.  I assure you this is not the case.  You see, I don’t have to advertise everything I believe in.  I believe in God and the bible, yet there are no religious references on our website.


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January has brought with it a brand new year.