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Summer Time Is Coming

Summer is right around the corner.  The schools will be closed.  This means our youth will be out and about enjoying their summer vacation.  Please be observant in watching out for our most precious commodity; children.  With the warmer weather, getting the atvs out and riding them will be a way to have fun.  Please, encourage your loved ones to wear a helmet while riding.  Unfortunately, we have had far too many of our young people injured or killed as a result of atv accidents.  Helmets are inexpensive and a life saver.  Ride aware and ride safe.

Also, keep an eye on your neighbors.  If you have an elderly neighbor, make sure they have at least a fan to keep them cool as the weather warms up. The Butler County Department on Aging is having their Spring Fling May 7th, 2014.  Here is a link to their page with additional information:

Suspicious activity.  You are the eyes and ears of our department.  As you know, with a county the size of Butler County, our deputies are spread thin.  You live in your neighborhoods and know who should be there and who should not.  If you see someone who shouldn’t be there, please call us.  You can call 9-1-1.  We will have a deputy come and check it out.  We would rather be called and not needed than needed and not called. 

Keeping your property safe.  Please make sure you are removing the keys from your vehicles when you get out of them.  Also, take valuables out of them when they are unattended.  If you don’t want to take them in the house, lock them in the trunk.  If you don’t have a trunk, at least make an effort to hide them so they aren’t inviting to the eyes of someone who wishes to deprive you of them.  Keep your garage doors down, especially at night while you sleep.  This will at least not advertise to the criminal element what you have to lose. 

Vacation time.  If you are going on vacation, let your neighbors know.  Tell them when you are leaving and when you are going to return.  Give them your cell phone number so they can make contact with you while you are away if needed.  You can also fill out a Vacation Watch form.  This form is on our website and a deputy will check your property in your absence.  The link to our vacation watch form is:

Let’s all have an enjoyable and safe summer!