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Land TRACKER Program

The Butler County Sheriff's Office has created a program called "Land TRACKER."  The program is designed to assist farmers and other land owners with livestock.  By completing the form below, the Butler County Sheriff's Office will have the ability to contact livestock owners in case of an emergency, theft or when livestock is found at large.  The form is a .pdf and should open with Adobe Reader.  Land owners can open the form on their computer and fill in the form on the computer or print it and fill it out.  If you complete the form on the computer and have internet access on your computer - simply click the blue "Submit Form" button and the form will automatically be sent to the Butler County Sheriff's Office via email.  If you don't have internet or the capability to email the form you can simply print it off and mail it or bring it by the Sheriff's Office.

*** NOTE:  If you are using Adobe Reader, you may get a message that says that you cannot save this form, and sending it via email will send data you entered on the form.  Click the "OK" or "CLOSE" button to continue and then you will be asked to select an "Email Client."  If you are using Outlook or a similar Email program, select "Email Client."  If you are using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. then you will need to select "Internet Email Application." **