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In God We Trust!

I am sure some of you have seen in the newspapers and on the television how law enforcement agencies across the Country are putting In God We Trust on patrol vehicles.  I think one reason is because we do put our trust in God.  I’m not ashamed to admit that.  Another reason for this is to show pride in our great Nation.  On July 30, 1956 President Eisenhower signed into law our national motto: In God We Trust.  On the 50th anniversary of its adoption, the Senate reaffirmed In God We Trust as the official national motto.  In 2011 the House of Representatives passed an additional resolution reaffirming this as the motto of the United States of America. 

Recently, we decided since we trust in God and we believe in our great nation; all marked vehicles in our fleet have In God We Trust on the rear bumper.  In an age where everyone is offended by everything, I am not doing this to offend but to reinforce our belief in our great nation and its motto.

I also want to let you know this was done at no expense to the taxpayers.  It was due to the generosity of a Butler County family who believes in your Sheriff and our Nation.