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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


I think I may have a warrant, who do I call? 

Call the Sheriff's Department Warrant Division at (316) 322-4282

How do I get a concealed carry permit?

The Butler County Sheriff's Office processes applications for concealed carry permits during normal business hours.  For answers to specific questions regarding the concealed carry permits, please go to the Kansas Attorney General's Concealed Carry website:

How do I make a traffic accident report? 

To make a traffic accident report, a person needs to contact the Sheriff's Office and a deputy will be dispatched to take the report and investigate the accident. A person can contact the Butler County Emergency Communications Center to request a deputy by calling: 316-322-4398 or 911, if it's an emergency.

What should I do if I've been involved in a traffic accident? 
A person should first ensure no one is injured. If no one is injured, all parties (drivers) should exchange information: driver's license numbers (if in possession or known), vehicle license plate State and numbers, names, addresses, and phone numbers of all drivers (passengers, if possible), and the names of the insurance companies of the drivers involved. The involved persons should also write down the location where the traffic collision occurred (utilizing cross street names or addresses and street names) and the time it occurred.  

What are the reporting requirements if I've been involved in a traffic accident? 

A traffic collision report will be taken by the Sheriff's Office when one of the following reporting criteria is met: a person involved in the traffic collision has been injured (complaining of pain is considered injury) or dies one of the drivers is under the influence of alcohol or drugs one of the drivers has fled the location without stopping to exchange information or check on the welfare of the other parties involved city or county property is involved (city vehicle, light post, signal light, etc.) damage in excess of $1,000 has been done.

How do I report criminal activity?

Call 911.  This will put you in touch with the Butler County Emergency Communications Center.  The person answering the phone will have a number of questions for you to answer but there is always another person listening in to the call.  When they get enough information from you, the other person will be dispatching a Deputy to your location to take the report.

How do I make a complaint about a Deputy?

The Butler County Sheriff's Office will accept complaints verbally or in writing from any person.  Please direct the complaint to the Butler County Sheriff's Office.  It may be done in person, by telephone, fax, e-mail or by submitting a written complaint via the US Mail.

Racial Profiling Complaints

A complaint of racial profiling against a Sheriff’s Office employee may be made either to the Sheriff’s Office or with the Office of the Kansas Attorney General by calling 888-428-8436 or on their website


The Butler County Sheriff's Office is committed to giving proper recognition to its employees for commendable performances.  If you wish to express appreciation or commend a member of the Sheriff’s Office for a “job well done” you may either call or write to the Sheriff.

When I go on vacation, how can I get a Deputy to check my home?

You can come to the Sheriff’s Office in person, call or visit our Vacation Watch page on this website and fill out the Vacation Watch Request form: Please make sure your property is secured during your absence.  Our Deputies will do their best to check on your property and will maintain a log of each visit.  Please contact our office if you have any questions about the extra patrol we will do on your residence while you are away.   

Reverse911 Emergency Notifications

Reverse911 is an emergency warning tool used to make rapid emergency telephone notifications to residents and businesses in precise geographic areas. Reverse911 will be used by Butler County emergency officials, during emergencies only, to deliver incident-specific information or potentially life-saving instruction to those in the affected area(s).

Reverse911 integrates mapping technology with phone databases, and will call listed and unlisted landline telephone numbers for Butler County residences and businesses.

Cellular phone numbers are not automatically included in the system database, nor are Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. If you would like to receive these emergency telephone notifications on your cellular or VoIP phone, you must first register these phone numbers. You may register at the Self-Registration Portal by clicking on the button below

Click here to go to R911 Self Registration Portal
Click here to register

Having trouble registering via the Self-Registration Portal? Download our manual Registration Form.

Use our Informational Flyer to help us spread the word.

How do I request an open record?

To request to view or receive a record you believe to be open, you must first provide a written request for the information.  This can be found by clicking the icon named BUSO KORA Request below.  The request must be delivered by mail, fax or in person to the Sheriff's Office during normal business hours.  The hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Our office will be closed on certain holidays.  Once our office has received your request, we will respond to you within three (3) business days.  When we respond to you, we will tell you if we can honor your request or if it is denied and why.  We will also provide to you an estimated cost for the request.  This must be paid before you are allowed to receive or view the records.  You can review our policy by clicking the icon named KORA SOP below.  This should explain everything to you.  If you have any questions, please contact our office by telephone and we will assist you.