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Crime Tips

The Butler County Sheriff's Office is committed to reducing crime in Butler County and the Cities within Butler County, however we may not be aware of potential criminal activity that may be occurring in your area.  Since you are most familiar with what is typical or normal activity in the area that you live, you have the opportunity to identify potential problems at the onset. Therefore, we encourage you to get involved and notify us of activity which you find suspicious.

This form may be used to report suspicious activity that may be linked to gang, drug, or other illegal activities in Butler County. The information you provide will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel for follow-up. Providing us your name is not required although it will validate your submission as well as give investigators the ability to contact you for further information if necessary. All information you submit, including your identity if disclosed, will be kept confidential if you desire.

This form is used for forwarding tips to the Butler County Sheriff's Office Investigations Division on suspected criminal activity.

Would you like someone from our office to contact you regarding this report?
Please give the address or closest physical address to the place where the incident you are reporting took place.